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Originally Posted by TomTerw
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But the last cruise was a real dog. They out and out lied to us about the location of our cabin, which we did not find out until after we were aboard. It was totally unacceptable. The ship-board people were extremely rude and would not correct the situation for the duration of the cruise. We have been arguing with the main HAL office in Seattle for six months now with no satisfaction. They have even resorted to reporting us to a collection agent over a small amount that I do not feel we owe. We had never dealt with anybody in the main office before, but they are real nasty people.

Did you book a guarantee cabin? If so, HAL is only obliged to assign you to at least that category....any cabin in that category or higher. That is in exchange for the lower price you paid by booking a gurarantee. If you are not willing to accept any cabin in the category you booked, you should book by cabin choice and pay for it.

You surely had a deck plan. When you were assigned your cabin number, you could see where the cabin was. There was no lying. Deck plans are on the internet if you did not have a brochure.

You learned a valuable lesson. Book and pay for the category cabin in which you know you can be happy. Do not book less and hope for more.
UNLESS they assigned you to a lower category, which I have never heard happen, you have no legitimate complaint IMO Unless I have totally misunderstood your complaint.

If that is the case, sorry. Please explain what you omitted in your original post that makes the scenario different.
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