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Sorry Russell that you weren't pleased. To be honest we noticed little wear between our first cruise in '06 and the one last summer. But it will be something like four years when she was last drydocked and that is scheduled for this Fall, I believe. Of course we won't benefit from that either.

I'll do a thorough objective review with all the plusses and minuses I detect and I'm sure there'll be some of both. As regards Bayonne (aka Cape Liberty"), I too am really surprised RCL has made little to no effort to upgrade it from being basically a big open warehouse. Certainly no curb appeal by any means (even after over five years, it still appears to be what it was, an industrial area) and I personally believe that's so important.

Food of course is subjective and we've always been pleased but then again, they did cut back last year on quantity of items if not necessarily on quality. We'll just have to see.

Thank you again ever so much, Russell, for your comments.

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