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Default Canceling Dakar may make me change my mind about the cruise

I'm alarmed to hear that Dakar may be crossed off the itinerary for the Rome to Manaus Nov 28 09 sailing. In fact, that is probably a deal breaker with me. I agree with the folks who want to see and experience other cultures and I was REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing a bit of Sénégal! well as Tunis and Morocco.

In fact, to see Africa and the Amazon are the only reasons I would take the time off work and shell out the bucks for this cruise. Canary Islands? Please, it's about as African as Carnoustie, Scotland, since it's a major holiday scene for folks in Britain, many of whom own second homes and vacation condos there.

From whence comes this report that Dakar has been canceled?? I can't find it mentioned on the Princess website?
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