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Default It is what you make of it!

[color=#444444]Welcome to cruising!

The FOD gatherings can be slightly different on each cruise, and it is usually up to the Cruise Director. Most of the time there will be a note in the daily newsletter that details all of the day's activities.

Some ships/Cruise Directors will have them every day, and will schedule them at a particular bar... generates income for the ship that way. Some will have them set aside in a room. Princess is usually pretty good, and if you don't see what you want or are looking for, ask the cruise director or one of the Ass't CDs.

As for how many of us are on a cruise and how many show up at the gatherings... there are always more on the cruise than show up at the gatherings! Why some don't socialize is a complete thread, and everyone has their own theory. In any case, there is always something to do on a cruise, so many could just be too damn busy!

Some gays make life-long friends with other gay cruisers... some make friends with other straight cruisers. In some circles, a single gay cruiser is viewed as a real asset to a group! I have never heard of any problems.

Go, and come back with some good tales to tell your partner, and soon he will want to come along. Cruising is a completely different kind of travel, and he can make of it whatever he wants... in complete luxury of course!

I'm putting a group together for a Mexican Riviera cruise in October and we are now over 30 gay BajaBoyz! I know we will have a good time!
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