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Well, Marty, advertisements are meant to draw the attention of certain people. Toy ads show children playing with toys. Blue jean commercials show young people wearing jeans. Not 70 year old men. Likewise, a commercial advertising high end suits show middle aged gentlemen, not 10 year olds. Sure, all the actors in the commercials are svelt and beautiful which is certainly not reality, but the general audience is still represented.

Same goes for cruise line commercials. DCL usually shows families with younger children, perhaps grand parents. Thier commercials don't show single young men hitting the night clubs, right? NCL usually show middle aged couples, not families. It seems the commercials are trying to attract certain people, at least to me.

So when I see Carnival Commercials showing younger people in thier twenties, drinking, dancing to hip hop, and the like, I assume the cruise line is trying to attract that type of person. Let's face it, advertisement works. That's why industries pay millions of dollars for one thirty second tv slot. At those prices, they must take a lot of time and effort to make sure they are getting to the people they desire.
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