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Default Re: Canceling Dakar may make me change my mind about the cru

Originally Posted by Boca del Verita
I'm alarmed to hear that Dakar may be crossed off the itinerary for the Rome to Manaus Nov 28 09 sailing. In fact, that is probably a deal breaker with me. I agree with the folks who want to see and experience other cultures and I was REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing a bit of Sénégal! well as Tunis and Morocco.
We shared your enthusiasm for Senega as our first steps on the African continent. We were advised of and expected to see poverty unlike anything we had seen before which is the reality of this world. But when the bus stopped at a designated point the driver refused to open the doors for fear the hordes of beggars would overtake the bus. We drove around and around the city passing the same landmarks time and time again ending up near the university where we could safely disembark and stretch our legs. We were in this one safe location for almost one hour with nothing to see...

If local officials want and need tourism it is for them to set the parameters for our safety and offer something of interest that by our word of mouth will generate further visits.
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