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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat
Originally Posted by thecruisequeen
Well for the first time I booked directly with Royal and Carnival. My TA who is a cruise only TA was great however they made some changes.

1. If I book a cruise then cancel it they will charge me $100. even if it is well before the final payment.

2. When there is a price drop they now charge $35. to call the cruiseline and adjust the difference.

3. No more bottle of wine in the cabin either. :o

Talk about Cutbacks One thing remains the same is they still offer the free insurance.

That tough but..........There is a lot of paperwork and time usually involved in making a reservation even if it's cancelled. The company I work for gives the option of charging $100 too but it can be applied to another cruise taken within a year. I also use common sense. If it's a repeat client I refuse to charge.

The amount of commission is very small so I suppose that is why your TA wants to charge $35 however I think that's high. But I wll tell you this - I made $3.00 off one booking and she complained and complained about the cost!!! It's all relative.

You are very lucky though in getting your insurance paid for. I can't do that for my clients as the cost would cost more than anything I could possibly make. I guess that's one of the difference between Canada and the US - cost of insurance.
I booked directly so now I have to get my own insurance. She never told me that I would be able to apply the $100. to another sailing. I understood it as I cancel they keep the $100 per cruise so $200. So that was the main reason I booked directly with the cruiseline this time. Although my deposits are in and I have my cabins there is a chance I might have to change dates before final payment is due.

My gal at the TA that I was using for years had a medical issue and left so for the last 2 cruises I'm now dealing with a new gal in the office.

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