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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen
Well for the first time I booked directly with Royal and Carnival. My TA who is a cruise only TA was great however they made some changes.

1. If I book a cruise then cancel it they will charge me $100. even if it is well before the final payment.

2. When there is a price drop they now charge $35. to call the cruiseline and adjust the difference.

3. No more bottle of wine in the cabin either. :o

Talk about Cutbacks One thing remains the same is they still offer the free insurance.

I'd NEVER book with an agent that keeps ANYTHING if I had to cancel. The cruise lines give a full refund when cancelled outside of final payment date, and that is what I expect the travel agent to do.

And charging $35 to get discounted prices is even MORE ridiculous!!!

That said... I'd ALWAYS use a GOOD travel agent. Though RCI prohibits agents from selling for less than RCI prices, they do allow them to purchase perks such as onboard credit from RCI to pass on to their passengers, and if agents happen to have group space that can also save you money.

Plus I'd never reward a cruise line with my booking, for refusing to allow travel agents to discount from their commissions to offer me a lower price.

If they are paying no travel agency commissions, they could offer me that discount, but they don't do that either! They just want their price. I'd rather have a TA working for me... in the event something goes wrong I have an advocate working for me, not an employee of the cruise line pretending to.
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