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richstacy: Yes, I am well aware that the "white spaces" are a warning not to be ignored. That is why I called and asked. But when they give you the wrong information, there is not much else you can do. I did not make a mistake; the mistake was HAL's and the problem is not that they made a mistake, because anybody can make mistakes. The problem is that they so far have considered it my mistake, and not theirs. And, sure, all the lines have these "white spaces". But I have never had another line provide me incorrect information before.

Sail7seas: It was cabin 2503 on the Rotterdam. It is the very front cabin, and no deck plan we have ever seen showed what was in the area in front of where the cabins are. The deck plan is not wrong; it is simply incomplete. Which is why I called and asked. And they sent me back a picture of the ship and very carefully explained that there was only "empty space to the bow" in front of that cabin area; nothing in the way of any ship's machinery. Which was completely incorrect. Cabin 2503 is well below any of the "empty space" in the picture they sent.

So, it is exactly as I said previously. I knew all about all of the restrictions and conditions. I followed their procedures exactly as they specified. They provided me completely incorrect information.

No, richstacy, it is not a matter of having an axe to grind. It is a matter of when a business makes a mistake they have an obligation to acknowledge their mistake and do everything possible to correct it. That certainly didn't happen in my case, and maybe not in irich's either. Now if all the above posts are any guide, no doubt HAL does keep 95% of their customers quite happy; I was in that group prior to our last cruise. But that was not the point of my post. The real issue is how do they treat the other 5%??? Of course, if you have never been in the other 5% then consider yourself lucky; hopefully you never will have a major problem. But please don't question the integrity of those of us that have had problems.
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