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Originally Posted by Kuki
Originally Posted by felix_the_cat

Now, further for Kuki - you are booking Canadians through agencies in the US? Are you telling them (at least if they are from Ontario, Quebec and BC) that they have no coverage with TICO and the the comparable programs in PQ and BC that they have no coverage should something happen to the air carrier or cruiseline?
I don't book anyone. I'm not a travel agent. My opinions are simply that... opinions... based on 50+ cruises since 1995.

My only interest is encouraging people to research all their options before booking, and hopefully saving them $$ in the long run.

Of course the buyer has to be aware of the potential problems they face. These days one does have to be careful as even the largest operators can go broke. One should look into the history of the TA they are booking with... how long they've been in business, references and past customer recommendations, and their knowledge of the industry (asking questions).

Admittedly my advice may be worth what people are paying for it... nothing
Kuki - you have far too much knowledge to say your advise is worth nothing. Sorry - I don't know where I got the idea you are a TA. Your are also qute correct in pointing out everyone should consider all options and do their research before making their decisons. More these days than any other.

Even I am giving a lot of thought to my personal bookings on how far ahead I want to place my own money. That's one of the things I consider when making a recommendation - would I be willing to place my money where my mouth is.

Questions questions questions - absolutely......

Really, we're on the same page.........what's the best you can do.........and the best price you can get it at......
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