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OK, someone started this thread intending for people to share their complaints. Now, this person has done this and is getting nothing but a lot of grief!

Everyone who has posted has a valid point. But..lets look at the context here. The lady was injured, which adds stress, they had a child, which adds stress, and they were expecting an wonderful vacation and fate turned that around.

I think that my patience and understanding would be a bit less than normal also. Give them a break, a pat on the back, and wish them a great vacation next time. Lets not flame.

Oh, and here's a funny about cabin location. My husband and I opted for an oceanview cabin on the Regal Princess when we went to Alaska for our honeymoon. At the oddest hours we would hear something rolling around our cabin. It wasn't regular, wasn't that loud, but it sure was perplexing. finally on the 5th day, we asked the steward if he knew what it could be. He came back very apologetic. He said that we were directly under the shuffleboard and the teens were staying out late and playing.

Well, we almost never saw these teens, or the little ones either. They hadn't been a problem and Princess was doing a wonderful job keeping them amused. The steward said he would ask them to not play after dark. We told him to let them be, we weren't bothered and just wanted to know what it was. Then we turned up the TV.
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