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Hello fellow Solo!

I'm going on my second solo cruise in August. I've traveled solo around the world and enjoyed every minute of it. When in Aruba I decided to try this Party Bus. I walked on the bus, stated my name and said "I'm alone". At least three partiers said "You're not alone anymore!" I had a great time.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

If you feel uncomfortable eating alone, try room service. From what I read, many ships will let you take food to your room. I ordered food on Carnival from a 'chinese type' restaurant on the ship and took it back to my room.

There also might be Balcony Breakfast or Dinner packages available on your ship. Of course, this will cost you.

One night I dressed up and ate at the Supper Club (extra $20.00 but I wanted to try it) It was great! I picked a time when I figured not many people would be there and the singer and piano player were catering to me, nevermind the extra attention from the waitstaff.

If you decide to eat alone at the buffet, you can pretend 'your wife' is seasick and she can't leave the room.

You can request to sit with other singles in the Traditional dining room. You'd be surprised how many solo's there are on a cruise.

I found that just about all cruisers could give a flying crap if you're eating alone. Most will want to adopt you and/or admire you.

Depending on the ship, there should be pizza and burger spots on the ship, usually on Lido deck.

Finally, if you are not comfortable doing something, then don't. You paid for this vacation, do what you want.

Sweet Cruising!

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