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We have now booked tickets to Southampton with National Express. The cost for two was a little more than 30 pound.

The bad thing is that we have to take the 7.15 bus from Victoria Coach Station, a little early but the next bus will arrive in Southampton later than we want! (We are leaving a Sunday so the buses aren't very frequent.) We will arrive at the Coach Station, Harbour Parade, 9.25 and assume that we then can get something to eat and drink somewhere before we take a taxi to the cruise terminal. Maybe we can walk if the weather is fine? (It's only a 5-night cruise so we will not have very much luggage, we are planning to keep all luggage as carry on when we fly back to Sweden.)

What's the best option for our trip to Heathrow after the cruise? Do we have to book a specific time if we wants to use National Express then too our can we just buy tickets which are valid on any bus? Is it easy to get bus tickets on the Coach Station for a bus which leave the station in a short time? Are there many buses from Southampton to Heathrow? How much will they cost?

We can use NCLs transfer to Heathrow but don't like that that might mean that we have to leave to ship extra early! Will the time to get through customs be short since we are members on the European Union (which I assume that most passengers on this cruise will be, I guess that it's not mostly Americans on this cruise which we are used to) or is it just one line for everybody?
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