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I stopped in Dakar off a Holland America cruise a year ago.

Though I am glad I saw this port...and the folks who took the Pink Lake Tour had the most wonderful of times...I would never want to go again.

I took the expensive [$89] tour on a ferry boat to the little [fake] Slave island with a [fake] slave trading post...and it was a neat island to have seen. BUT...guests I met on the cruise were on the same ferry on their own for just a few bucks! Turns out that this slave trading post saw less than 300 slaves in it's useful time?

Unfortunately later I was hassled by a local who tried to "show us around" and when we finally offered him a few dollars to go away he said it was not enough and physically threated us and I thought "this is it...I am going to die in Dakar". We out ran him and went right back to the ship. No...I am not a senior traveler or yuppy tourist. I am a single 40 year old short little guy...nor did this didn't happen on a side street, but in the middle of a large open public park like square.

So...everyone has different views and is looking for a different experience. This was mine... Morocco...take me there! Dakar seems like just a pit stop for fuel and supplies.

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