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Default RE: millenium dry dock

Thank you Paul. Well stated! I think it is wrong for corporations to take these less than open positions, but look at the whole Firestone debacle. At least this issue appears to go to comfort not safety. Problem is, for folks like me, I have to request my vacation dates one yr in advance. They are almost impossible to change & changing plans (if necessary ) almost always results in a higher cost & less satisfactory arrangement . Ortherwise one would've made that selection to begin with as the first choice. My cruise is not until March so I'm hoping all will be well by then. But then again they may decide to try a few cruises & see how the ship does in the carib. before making a final decsion. That makes any sailing fair game down the road. I do however thank you & cruisemates for staying on this, holding our hands and finally taking the question to the top!!!
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