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Default RE: millenium dry dock

Well... I guess I must add my two cents... I still think it is a safe bet that the Millennium will go into dry dock just after her transAtlantic voyage... somewhere around the 16th or so of November. I would further guess that she'll be there for about 4 weeks. I'm not exactly sure what the "pressure" is for an immediate announcement. If my "hypothesis" is true, she'll be out of service during a LOW LOW LOW fare period and, true to Celeb's usually generous policy for those cancelled out of cruises, those who bought the Millennium at bargain prices will be well rewarded... and, have a great deal too boot! I'm sure we'll hear before too long. I think that Rick Sasso's comment is probably very close to the mark... the "problems" with the Millennium are not huge and many CL's might well opt to leave well enough alone. Time will tell.

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