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I am VERY woried about this. We are supposed to go on Enchantment MAY 16th!!!!!!!!!!!! and make a stop in Cozumel. I called RCL and they said they are not changing the itenerary at this time. I went to my trav ag at AAA and she called to see if we could get a credit. They said NO (that is crappy). We have insurance thru RC and we could get 75% credit. HOWEVER, to avoid Mexico that leaves cruises of 7+ nites (lots more $$) and the 3-4 nite bahama (no thanks). I feel frustrated right now. I have been searching state dept and cdc and fox and cnn and there does not seem to be an OFFICIAL warning or ban against Mexico.

I hope that RC is in the works of a plan to deal with this....either change out the port or make it a more days at sea deal (I would far rather have a vacation with fewer port stops that not have one at all!!!!). This seems like a time where patience is VERY necessary.....waiting to see what the gov does and what RC does.

I have less than 3 weeks to go, and we are traveling with a 5 yr old.

Please come thru for us RCL
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