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I know my review is very negative but I never mentioned one other security experience- its kind of funny (but still quite sad) in a way.

The last night, I was in the hall kissing my gf from the uk for the last time and I noticed I was being watched by 3 guards standing at the other end of the hall. After I said goodbye to her at 2 am, I just wanted to be alone and go for a walk. I went down the hall and the three guards were standing there, all Chinese guys. I said hello to them and asked them if they enjoyed watching people kiss. They ignored my question and asked me if I was a minor. I said "what difference does it make?" And walked away.

I went to cafe promenade and the same guard from the elevator was standing at the entrance and I looked him square in the eye and tried to walk past him. He put his arm in front of me and demanded to see my seapass. I was not in the mood to be bothered, I was kind of upset with the cruise over and saying bye to everyone and what not. I said "Im not in the mood for your sh-t tonight, so f--k off" and he stared at me shocked, while I took my time in there. I got coffee, talked to the lady behind the counter who gives the cookies/food for about 10 min, (I did every night, she actually remembered my name when I saw her in port lol) and walked out. He followed me saying "So your not going back to your room?" I asked him if he understood English well enough to figure it out and he didn't even say anything, just standing there gaping.

I was really pissed so I just went for a walk on the outer promenade and went back to cp at 4am. He was still there and I walked up to him and apologized for cursing him out and we shook hands and believe it or not, 5 minutes later him and I was sitting at a table drinking coffee and talking. I asked him about his family; he has a son and a wife back home. He even showed me his sons picture which he had in his wallet. He asked about me too. Believe or or not we sat there for about an hour talking . He works over half the day and at night trying his best to do his job and save up money to send home. I told him that I really didn't mean to treat him the way I did, it wasn't personal and I knew he was just doing his job. He said that he himself feels really bad about the curfew too but obviously is required to enforce it, especially during the cruise I was on because his boss was watching him closely. He may actually get promoted to a supervising position maybe on oasis so he was under extreme pressure.

I felt better having that conversation, and I really want to say that I don't hate these guards, they are only doing their job and it is really the cruise line itself that is creating the unwelcoming atmosphere for teens to cruise in.

Bottom line, Never again will I go on royal as a teen, maybe not at all even as an adult, even though the oasis does look tempting

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