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Definitely. My first cruise ever was a 5 day Western Caribbean. My boyfriend and I each had a carry-on and a bookbag. Everything fit wonderfully, and I think I even had a couple of shirts I never wore! I leave in 2 days for a 4 day cruise to Cozumel, am in the middle of packing now.

I, personally, hate checking luggage at the airport, unless I am on my way home. Here's how I do it, it may not apply to everyone.

I am from first (and only) cruise, we left during a blizzard, so I was able to wear my bulky items...I wore jeans, socks and tennis shoes, two t shirts, a hoodie and a zip up fleece. I'll be doing something similar this time around, if it gets too hot i can put whatever I take off into the bookbag or around my waist.

Bookbag=cruise and airplane tickets, identification, money!, keys, snacks for airplane, books/magazines, camera, cell phone (and chargers for both), ipod, portable dvd player, undies, toothbrush, meds, purse items, tiny sized toiletries in a quart sized bag, whatever else I need to bring that didn't fit in the carry-on.

Not sure if this is any help or not, but we each take a clear quart bag for toiletries. Mine has tiny versions of shampoo, toothpaste, sunblock, febreeze, hairspray, purell. His will have shampoo, conditioner, contact stuff...I think that's it. We'll also bring a bar of soap.

carry-on=shorts, shirts, curling iron and hair dryer (sailing the Holiday, no hair dryers!), summer shoes (2 pairs, both fairly sturdy and/or clunky sandals), jammies, one bathing suit...I pick and choose mix and match clothes, I don't have a standard list. I bring less bottoms than needed and more tops. I don't mind wearing the same shorts a couple times or whatever, but I need changes of shirts.

But that's it! It works for me. Boyfriend (would DB be the proper term here? ) is much easier, he finds 4 pairs of shorts and 5 tshirts and puts them in a bag with some undies and socks and a hoodie. Lol. We'll mix and match a little, just in case.

Oh yea, formal night. Now, the last time around, we did not eat dinner in the dining room at all, mostly because we didn't pack properly...we pretty much had jeans and shorts only. This time around, we are definitely eating in the dining room. I'll be bringing some thin dressy pants and a dress that is easily foldable, and both go with one of the pairs of sandals I had already planned on bringing.

Sorry I wrote a novel, hope this helps?!
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