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Originally Posted by Trip
I spoke to a cruiser last night, who just returned from the Mexican Riviera, on the RCI Mariner.

She told me, that only people watching CNN news in the cabin, even knew about this..that was last Tues/Weds....The passengers were not told anything of the problems in Mexico. Nothing seemed unusual in port, and she heard no rumblings.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~so, my question you think the ship should have mentioned the situation, or do you think thay acted reponsibly by not mentioning it?
Their actions do not surprise me and they are unconscionable, imo. 19 of 23? Mexican states now reporting possible cases. Baja is one of the states, and Oxaca is not far from Acapulco. It has been reported that RCI has said all the cases are inland, away from tourist areas. Well, the cases in NY and New Zealand appear to be from Cancun visits, and bus travel in Mexico brought one case out of Mexico City to another state, so RCI is being very irresponsible. Let a cruiser come down with it after that sort of irresponsible statement, and you get a possible law suit -- nothing RCI hasn't plenty of experience with, however. The government here and around the world telling travelers not to travel for anything non-essential should mean something -- the governments didn't say, just don't travel to Mexico City!

This is actually making me angry -- we are trying to stop a pandemic for Pete's sake!
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