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You will drive/ride to the cruise terminal. The first thing you will see are the cruise ships sitting at port getting ready for you. You get dropped off/park at the terminal and hand your bags over to the porters. If you don't have your tags on the bags, they will put them on for you. You walk into the terminal and depending on the time of day.... you wait in line. Every one is happy.. not cranky because everyone is excited to get on the ship. You make it to the counter and hand over your fun pass as well as your identification/drivers license/credit card. The counter person will bring up your information and you will get checked in. They will hand you your information back and you will get your sign and sail card. You proceed to the boarding area. They are there to take the first of a gazillion pictures. You make your way on board. You finally get to the ship security where they will take your sign and sail card and pop it into the computer. they will take a picture of you that links to your card so they know exactly who you are and then you are IN. The next part is up to you. explore the ship.. get some lunch.. you will be handed a Caper that has all of the events for your first day. Look on your sign and sail card. that has your dinner table on it and which dining room your eating at. If your table number does not match the rest of your party, you can have it coordinated with the matride'. You can find the time for this on your Capers... The time for your muster drill will be on your Capers. After thats over, there is always a sail away party on the Lido deck. Go up and enjoy while your ship pulls away from the dock. Check at your cabin every once in a while. your luggage will be waiting by your door at some point. don't stress. When it shows up you can stash it in your cabin. I prefer to unpack.. others live out of their suitcases. You do not have to "dress" for dinner on the first night. Its your choice. Your on vacation. Go play...

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