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Default South American Cruise For 35 Days

My posting may be a little late --if so sorry. We just returned from a 38 day crusie around South America. We started in Rio and ended in Seattle. We would take that same crusie again howver get off in San Diego as opposed to Seattle. That leg is really not worth the extra days as you stop only in Victoria. The ports where we stopped were all excellant.The 38 days passed quickly in spite of the many illinesses we had aboard the Ameterdam. (You can chcek this put on the internet at Vessel Sanitation Program).Our cruise ended just as the swine flu situtation was happening. I bring this up as I had failed to check the sanitation history on cruise ships having sanitation issues. The Amsterdam has had its problems.The ship is reported to be in dry dock at this time. Perhaps with some cleaning and updating the ship can get back to sailing where this will not be a problem. We can't say enough about the ports and the people we met in those port citiys. This was excellant. Also I want to add a word about safety and crime. Don't believe everything you read in the news media about the horrific crimes taking place in some of these areas. Just by using some common sense and taking some precautions you will be OK.
Bill A. Belt
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