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Default Never, Never Take Food Ashore In South America

This is not posted as a question but rather advice. we just completed a 38 day South American crusie where we stopped at some of the nicest port cities. Everyone was warned not to bring fruit off the ship. We have no numbers on how many did howver we do know that we dined with three passengers who had to pay $200 , on the spot fines, for having an orange or apple in their backpack. One port had "banana inspection" dogs that sniffed each bag carried off. In order to settle the fine you had to pay in local currency on the spot.One person at our dining table was born an raised in Chile and knew completeley about the law. He said he just forgot to take out one orange from his bag. He said---"oh well that port had a steep entry fee" and he just moved on to the next day.
Bill A. Belt
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