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Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
I get sooooooo seasick on small boats at sea, like fishing boats, even larger ones that hold up to 200 people...go figure, cuz i love them.

I worried about this also...the first two cruises i didnt get ill, and the second one was horribly rocky, lots of seasick wow i thought i was just freaking immune to it

Well...God laughed me down, cuz this last Jan, we went on the Conquest, and it was rocky but not nearly as bad as it was they jan before on the Ecstasy (smaller boat)...but on the second to last night...after playing cards for hours, i felt a bit "wierd" i hate to vomit and i'll fight it till i am about to die...but i was just laying in bed begging my husband to make the boat stop rocking. If youve ever been really drunk and the room is kinda spinning and you cant make it stop...and your nauseas, its kinda like that. I ended up throwing my toenails really good long 20 minute session of ickiness....then i was able to lay down and sleep. I felt "ok" the n ext day, but didnt drink or eat to much. I didnt get sick again.

This is the one time i think you DO feel better after you throw up, and usually when people say that sentence i just want to scream BITE ME. but in this case its true. I did. I also put my seabands that i've carried with me for 2 yrs and never used before..ugly as they are i wore them the last day and it probably helped along with a few ginger capsules a friend gave me.

Dont be scared tho, or you will sike yourself into feeling bad. You willknow soon nuff if your gonna get seasick.

Also..the number one piece of advise i can give.....get a cabin mid ship as MID as you can get and go as low as you can go toward the bottom of the ship. Probably why i didnt get ill the second more rocky trip is because i was on the riveria deck midship vs the seasick cruise where i was on empress mid aft.

Good luck
Thanks! We got a suite, mid ship so hopefully if i'm sick I can atleast enjoy the suite.. lol
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