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Chuck... do us a favor and be a little more clear. I think you mean 200 confirmed deaths, which is actually less than the NY Times. I just saw a Reuters article that said Mexico had scaled back to 176 confirmed and that was from May 2, 2:40 pm. I guess it could increase as more numbers come in, there was a batch of yet to be determined as follows...

Cordova said of 159 files on suspected flu deaths, tests showed 58 died of other causes. He said 16 deaths are confirmed as caused by the H1N1 flu and 85 are being tested.

It actually doesn't say they have confirmed a single additional H1N1 case at all.

In other words we are still at ONLY 16 deaths we already knew about, which for an eminent pandemic is pretty good. All eminent pandemics should be so nice
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