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I went on my first cruise in February (triumph). I was SO paranoid about getting seasick, I kept asking myself why I even agreed to go on a cruise in the first place. I get a bit carsick sometimes, especially in the morning of if I'm in the backseat. I also don't do amusement park rides. I've always been ok on planes and on short riverboat tours...but I was still so nervous. I spent WAY too much time looking for "cures" before the cruise.

I started taking one ginger pill (500 mg) per day 2 days before the cruise. Then, once aboard I took one pill each morning and evening -- sometimes one at lunch too. I also found I felt the movement more at night, so I'd take a small ginger chewable ("Ginger Trips" by Solaray- really convenient, though not the best taste!) if I woke up feeling a little off (this happened a few times). We had one really rough night/morning after leaving St. Maarten. (captain had to change course, but it took a few hours to get out of the high seas) People could barely walk in the hallways and many were reporting they were sick. I did not feel any different this day, though the motion was more obvious since we couldn't walk straight.
Seabands did nothing for me-- I put one on during our rough sea morning just to see if I noticed anything. I never felt like I needed anything more strong (like the Bonine I brought).

And for reference -- our cabin was pretty close to the aft on the empress deck.
I felt the movement most in the dining rooms (both forward and aft) and show lounge.

I've booked a room on Lido in the front of the ship for the next cruise. I hope the ginger pills will be enough for this location!
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