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Originally Posted by Donna
Hi Deb,
I really want to do a cruise like this next trip to Alaska. What are all the ports and how did the airfare work out?
Hi Donna,

There are several cruises offered on Princess cruises. My favorite has always been the one-way North/South cruises. If time permits one should always allow a week before or after your cruise to explore Alaska on your own. The land experience is quite a bit different than the ports of call and gives you an even greater appreciation of the beauty of Alaska. As I read my posts, I am starting to think that I should apply for a job at the Alaskan tourism department. (ha-ha)

My first trip was about fifteen years ago and was intended to be a one-time trip, just to see if all the talk about "the last frontier" was just hype. I found out the talk was not just hype, and in a couple of weeks I will be returning again with over one dozen trips to Alaska. I think Alaska should come with a warning that it can be addictive!!!!

The ports on the voyage of the glaciers offered by Princess are Skagway, Ketchikan and Juneau. There are also two days of glacier cruising, with one in College Fjord and one in Glacier Bay National Park.

I hope that you will take an Alaska cruise as I am sure you will just love it.

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