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I have a kid and I take her cruising with me. I prefer Disney but I have gone on the Freedom as well. I keep my daughter out of the adult areas and watch over her. I like to think she's polite but other old crones may disagree. Guess what? If you don't like my kid, stay in the adult areas. I'll insure she doesn't bother you but I will not prevent her from existing just because you don't like it. I am all for adult only cruises. I am for singles cruises and elderly cruises and gay cruises and every other type of cruise. The more the merrier. However, if the cruise you choose to attend allows children, live with it.

Look, I'm not saying that kids should be allowed to run amok. I require my daughter to show a certain amount of decorum. In the dining room, she sits between my wife and I. She stays in her seat. She does not yell scream or cause a disturbance. If some one at the table just can't stand kids, I won't be insulted if they move to another table. If they ask me not to bring my daughter to dinner any longer, I'll tell them to kiss my cherry red butt.
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