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Originally Posted by badknees
My first cruise was out of Port Canaveral, a four day to Nassau. I could tell I wasn't on solid ground from the minute I stepped on the ship. After about an hour I started feeling just a tiny bit off. My friends told me to go ahead and take a Bonine. I did and felt fine. I took one the second day and then didn't take anymore the rest of the cruise. It was a rough first evening and night. Everyone was staggering in the passageways. And I kept hearing cruisers say that this sure was rougher than usual.
After that I bought the wrist zapper thing "Relief Band"for cruising and take it with me all of the time. If I start feeling a bit off I put it on and wear it for awhile. I don't need it most of the time. They are expensive but we found it on the internet for around $100. There are non zapping ones but I decided I wanted the zapper. I would much rather have the device than take pills. Even the non-sleepy pills make me tired unless I keep moving. My husband says he wears his all of the time. He says he likes the zapping. Go figure. He's not generally weird.
I think a big thing is to do something as soon as you start feeling "funny". If you wait to see if it will pass it will get a good head start and you will soon be in your cabin barfing. Another friend who swears she never gets seasick started feeling bad and kept ignoring it because " I never get seasick." She jumped up at dinner one night and ran to the cabin to recover. Which seems to be pretty quickly after barfing and sleeping a while. She never admitted she was seasick. DON"T WAIT!!
Just have something handy and take it early or buy the "Relief Band". I wouldn't cruise without it.
We're cruising, I hope, in a couple of weeks and my husband is checking out the batteries on the Relief Band and getting zapped. What ever makes him happy.
That's hysterical, badknees! I don't know why, but that reminds me so much of my sixth-graders, esp. the boys. They would LOVE trying out that zapper. Once I walked my students down to my house, and the boys wanted to touch the electric fence I use to keep my 3 big Labs inside the fence!
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