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I have tried them all. The RX patches (worked great but stayed in my systme for days afterwards making me feel like I was still on a rocking ship). The regular Dramamine made me too sleepy. For the last 12 or so cruises my DH and I have used the LESS DROWSY Dramamine. It is good for up to 24 hours, but in bad circumstances you can take it twice a day. We usually take one the night before we sail to go ahead and get it into our systems, then take one, just before dinner each night. It works great and if does tend to make us a little bit sleepy then we just get a good nights's rest. I am very sensitve to most meds but don't have a problem with this. I have, on occasion, had to take them for a couple of days after the cruise.

I have learned that it is best to be prepared than to be sorry. Once you get sick, nothing is going to help much until you get your feet on solid ground.

You can buy travel insurance to help with on board medical bills, but you normally have to pay the fees then get reimbursed, which can be a hassle. Don't be too afraid of the ship's medical fees though unless you have a serious illness on board. I once had to use the ship hospital and had both urine test run, an IV and a urine catheter as well as blood work. The hospital sent a wheelchair to my cabin, and after a couple of hours took me back to my cabin in a wheelchair. The next morning they came back and got me and took me to the ship hospital in a wheelchair and removed the catheter and checked me out again. Total Fee: $89. I could not have gone to the local emergency room with Blue Cross insurance and paid only $89.
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