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Default Thank you both-

Joey, David and Mermen:

Thank you all for your feedback and reviews.

I have been on Celebrity's Millennium as well as the Pacific Princess. Having been on both ships, I understand first-hand your praise, compliments and criticism / feedback.

Mermen, sorry you experienced such poor service. I was also on your cruise and have to say, felt the same way! I ran into other Cruisemates and met other non-Cruisemate passengers who are not on a cruise board, and it was interesting to hear their feedback as well.

Joey and David, I was on the Mille a year ago, last February and it was a wonderful experience...but then again, every cruise on the X has been a pleasant one.

Thanks again for your time in helping our Gay / Lesbian readers understand your concerns and highlights.

Remember my motto, "Vote with your dollars!".
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