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Default Same here

Joey and David-

We did too! Thankfully, they have not stopped the owners credit. On our next X cruise in September, we'll be getting a $250 stateroom credit. Sure pays to be stock holders (even in a shaky economy).

We've been on 1 Carnival, 1 Princess and 10 Celebrity. Man, just calling Celebrity the other day to book our cruise made us feel 100 x better, from being on Princess.

I think you hit the nail on the head, when you referred to "them doing us the favor by allowing us to sail with them." I agree!

, I certainly didn't feel like a "Princess" while on their ship, but you know on Celebrity? I do feel like one. It goes without saying, their service is top-notch. There is a reason why they have been voted the best large cruise ship / line for a few years in a row.
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