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I am a solo cruiser!!!! For me, it is the best of all possible options.

I have cruised with a singles group, with a husband, with girlfriends, with my adult son and solo. Hands down solo beats all of the aforementioned

I do a lot of my social activities on land solo. It is my preference. I recently went to a mega outlet mall. I went alone buy my girlfriend invited herself and met me at this outlet mall. She drove me crazy b/c she couldn't do anything alone. I had to wait for her, could not go to a store without her "because she wanted to go in there too." It just reminded me why I am a solo adventurer.

I don't like to wait around for people. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I like having a cabin to myself. I am a very personable individual. Therefore, long before the muster drill I have people inviting me to join their table on the Lido or at dinner.

I have cruised RCCL, NCL and Carnival as a solo. Carnival is the most solo-friendly of the major lines. RCCL makes no attempt to group solos together for dinner. On both of my recent (2008) solo cruises on RCCL, I was tabled with married couples for dinner. Most of RCCL activities are singular in nature so the chance for comraderie is minimal. Their pool deck layout is not conductive to see, be seen or talk to other people and groups.

Because NCL is anytime dining only, it is also not very solo-friendly. However, I found it easier to meet and talk to people on NCL than on RCCL.

On RCCL I felt alone. On Carnival I never feel alone. In fact, more often than not, a solo with a little personality becomes a bit of a celebrity on the ship because everyone (crew included) wants to make sure you are o.k., have everything you need and are not lonely.

My concession to being able to do my own thing is that, for financial reasons, I book Cat 1A's. I don't need a window, I am never in my cabin, except to sleep, shower and change clothes.

I leave in less than 3 weeks on another solo cruise on the Freedom.

If you are the type that can enjoy your own company on land in your everyday life without having to have someone around you, then you will love solo cruising. If you need someone in order to dine out or go to the movies, then you may not like solo cruising.
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