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Originally Posted by AKLydia
my "reef" butter flip flops passed every test from walking around disney with my kiddos to beach walking to shopping in the malls in florida.
I have very wide and sensitive feet I get horrible pains if I wear shoes that don't fit properly or I wear shoes for fashion alone.
Good luck! The reef sandals were all over the caribbean, florida, and ebay so you can find them anywhere.
I agree with AKLydia, Reefs are awesome. They last forever, too! I discovered recently that Skechers has an awesome line of comfy sandals as well. They are quite comfy. I am a fan of flip flops that are a couple inches thick for cushioning as I also have wide feet. We wear flip flops almost every day in Phx, AZ. Or heels. .

But, I think on this Alaskan cruise I will be hanging loose in my running shoes as we are trying out lots of activities during the day.

Happy Sailings!

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