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Originally Posted by badknees
For heavens sake stay off of youtube. You saw how many videos from the number of cruises taken? Some areas are more prone to rough seas. Some ships are probably more prone. But the majority of rough seas do not involve flying furniture more like a little more staggering about. And if you're not drinking and not staggering but watching others stagger then it's probably not rough seas but inebriation.
Please go and enjoy your cruise. We cruisers are hooked on sailing because we start off from the minute we think we can work in a cruise having a wonderful anticipation of the trip. Things may not always go as expected but it doesn't matter. Deal with it when it happens.
We expect we will have a great time no matter what. We are always looking forward to the next time we can cruise, always.
My husband and I are going to do more cruising just as soon as he retires.
We can hardly wait.
We've already got a cruise booked in September. I would love to do a back to back when we can.
Throw caution to the wind and enjoy your cruise. You're worth it.
Badknees, what's the appeal of a back-to-back cruise?
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