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Originally Posted by badknees
It's two weeks or so to someplace you like to go or sometimes an alternate itinerary, no change of hotels "ship" so no packing up between trips, you already know the ship and crew, no cooking, no cleaning, nothing but relaxing, you leave and come back to the same port and the big thing is just more cruising. Have you ever done a tour where you packed up and moved every day or two?
I went to a site where cruisers were discussing b2b and almost everyone said it was great.
Off the subject I couldn't believe how badly one person trashed Carnival. She told a lady to get her money back and pick a better line.
In checking out RC recently I saw where they don't allow even clothing steamers. There are also no laundry areas where there is an iron or ironing board. If you need something steamed or ironed you use their service. Someone said she sneaked her steamer on and it didn't get noticed. Also you are not allowed to take on any kind of liquor. Maybe they think that if you are cruising RC and since they feel their line is more sophisticated that you will have plenty of money to spend on liquor and laundry or steaming. I'm not dissing RC. It's a different line with a different attitude. I may try them sometime. But I was rather taken aback by the attitude of the poster.
Thanks so much more Carnival ships have irons in the cabins?
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