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Originally Posted by brad813
How would the crew and fellow passengers treat a solo cruiser with alot of personality(ie. life of the party types)?
I am a "life of the party type" and feel quite pampered on my Carnival cruises. People naturally look out for the lone wolf. It is the nuturing nature of humans.

If you are a solidary sole, most people probably will not notice that you are alone and will leave you to your solitude, which is probably what you want.

All in all, as long as you are comfortable sitting alone for a few minutes (or longer), walking into a shop, theater, restaurant, etc. alone, there is no reason not to enjoy a solo cruise.

Land vacations are a whole other story. I don't do land vacations b/c I find them to be too solitary for my personality. If you book a resort solo, unless you meet a love interest ( ), you are truly alone. Wondering the streets of a foreign city would be wonderful but just a bit dangerous. You don't have the containment of a cruiseship where you would be missed within hours.

IMHO, cruising is the best way for a solo person to vacation.
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