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Originally Posted by Allycat1913
Wow green, I find it interesting that you chose to mention the race of the black couple that was annoying you with their loud talking and nooners...Funny, you didn't mention the race of the other couple who chose to disappear whenever you stepped onto your balcony...

Green has not been here since February. I odubt he will come back until he has another cruise booked.

But I also found it offensive and stereotyping. I am sure plenty of white folks are members of the 'balcony club" (as in mile-high club) too. Now if I was 15 years younger, perhaps I would be-but 55 is too old-I need the comfort of a mattress and also to not have the fear of someone accidentally seeing me and being permanently scarred by the sight!

Perhaps that is why that one guy was throwing up-maybe that was that poor guy's problem who vomited off his balcony-maybe he saw Grandma and Grand pop going at it.

Katlady-I enjoyed the comericals-and by the commercials it would seem Carnival is trying to attract 30 somethings minus the kids.
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