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Originally Posted by Peter2852
I agree that it is pretty annoying when children do not behave themselves, but being 16 I remember having to put up with a lot of discrimination due to my age. I have been on 10 cruises and learned so much on them- table manners, and how to meet people and have intelligent conversations.

Unfortunately, I had to pay the price for being 16 on my last cruise on RCL. They have a strict 1 am curfew and I was being watched along with all my other friends for the whole cruise because of our age. We didn't do anything wrong, weren't loud or anything but right away it seems we were treated much differently by security.
While I have a daughter a couple of years older than you and one several years younger, I totally understand what you are saying. It is unfortunate that people judge an entire group by the actions of a few. I believe that for the most part teens and children are wonderful. We have come across many that are not wonderful, but I continue to attribute this mostly to the not wonderful parents that they were cursed with. I think that it is a shame that young people face immediate discrimination based on the simple fact that they are young. This is not isolated to cruising. We were in a mall in Orlando, everytime my teens were stopped and chatting Mall security put the run to them, but yet large groups of ignorant adults were permitted to block the entrances to various shops while they were talking.

All that being said, I think that a 16 year old, regardless of maturity, politeness and consideration, should have a curfew and I think 1 am is plenty reasonable. My eldest was required to be in the cabin by 11 PM, every night except one night when she was allowed out until 12 AM for an activity. She was 17 and also by many standards a great teenager but 1 AM? Too late, too many opportunities for her to be tempted into trouble, and too many adults who prey on young people, even on a cruise ship.
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