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Originally Posted by Peter2852
I agree that it is pretty annoying when children do not behave themselves, but being 16 I remember having to put up with a lot of discrimination due to my age. I have been on 10 cruises and learned so much on them- table manners, and how to meet people and have intelligent conversations.

Unfortunately, I had to pay the price for being 16 on my last cruise on RCL. They have a strict 1 am curfew and I was being watched along with all my other friends for the whole cruise because of our age. We didn't do anything wrong, weren't loud or anything but right away it seems we were treated much differently by security.
I understand what you mean. When I was 17 years old I was driving and pulled over by the cops for Drunk Driving. I had not consumed any acohol and in fact I was coming back from the movies. The strong thing in my system was Diet Pepsi. They had me got out of the car and had me do all the drunk tests on the side of the road.

It was until I ask them this question that they let me go. I said, "If you take me down to the police station and the tests show I haven't been drinking do you still have to call my parents to come down?" They said, "Yes, because you are a minor." I which point I smiled, because I could just picture my mom at the police station to pick up her sober daughter. That would have been fun to watch. I think the question and the smile made them back off.

By that point they had made me so mad I wanted them to take me in and test me. To this day I never drink and drive, I know I will get caught. But mainly I would never want to hurt or kill another person with my car. I don't think I could handle the guilt I would feel.
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