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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by momofmeg
Originally Posted by katlady
Katlady-I enjoyed the comericals-and by the commercials it would seem Carnival is trying to attract 30 somethings minus the kids.
Over 30 with no kids, that explains why I like Carnival.
Love you kitties! I have a black long haired and a black and white short haired. Your one kitty looked like he could be their offspring-if I hadn't spayed and neutered mine!
Thanks the long haired black and white kitty loves to play with the dog on the end. They are so funny together. The other two animals are in the sunset years of life and just like to hang out and be petted.
My female cat is 14 years old and my male is almost 10-so they are both getting on also. My female is an in door cat. The male still goes outside but less and less, he prefers the indoors more and more. I iknow it must be because of his age.
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