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Originally Posted by dina
Just a heads up. Your 6 month old will not be able to go into the pool. So you might want to take a little blow up pool if you want to give your little one some wet time.
I was aware of that...already have my inflatable ducky pool packed! Thanks!

I guess I forgot to mention that my husband and I are seasoned cruisers, just never cruised with Carnival. And this is our first experience with the kids, but we have done some research. My 7 year old is overly excited about Camp Carnival. We're pretty laid back and I know cruising with kids will be different than solo. But it's not that big of a deal. I'm more of a "the ship IS the destination" kinda person, so as long as I'm at sea, and I have food, I'm good! Give me some sunshine, a pool and a good book and I'm set.

We just wanted to know from Carnival experts here what makes a Carnival cruise uniquely Carnival. It seems that people either totally adore Carnival or totally hate it. I KNOW you guys have loads of excellent suggestions...we want to LOVE Carnival too!
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