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When we were on Connie in March/April, we had 9032, and you are correct, it is very convenient despite being opposite the elevators. We liked the cabin because it had an overhang that kept sun out at certain times.

Yes , the chair hogs are alive and well. I would usually go up for coffee (we bring our own big travel mugs) around 6:00 AM, and 75% of the chaises in the Thalasotherapy pool area had towels on them !

As far as prices go, I guess we did OK. We did get quite a bit of OBC, so we are happy with it. I will keep an eye on them and see if they drop.

Any thoughts as to why there were so few cabins at this point? I was thinking that it had to do with the fact that a lot of retirees and seniors (such as my wife and I) booked, since the time frame and length pretty much preclude younger folk.

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