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Default Re: Crown Cruise Vacations

Originally Posted by felix_the_cat

I guess I've come from a different "place" where doing that would get you banned.
Unless you are a certain poster then you can always say: I am a clients...and...and...and...

@Mike: be careful. I don't know Crown Cruise Vacation but I was talking to some people at the last CLIA Cruise3Sixty and it sounded to me that this place might be founded by the former owners of Cruise Value which I believe went belly up.

According to the info: this company was formed prior to the CVC problems becoming public in anticipation of the bankruptcy. The majority of their database in e-mail marketing comes from CVC and the associated companies.

Nothing wrong with aligning yourself with a start up company in this industry (I am one myself) but if you fiddle with a possible offspring from a bankrupt company I would be very careful.

Good luck.

EDIT: They hav an ASTA and IATAN logo. Both organizations require financial statements so it is highly unlikely that they are actually members.

2nd EDIT: They are also not listed with NJ (which is their address).
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