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Originally Posted by funcruiser212
I actually tell my kids - They should SPEAK UP and give their opinions, say what they think, say what they want. -
That is why many Kids are so rude and have strong opinions. Their Parents opinions. Children / Kids / bratz, whatever one wishes to call them, should behave like people and not animals.
Its always the parents fault. Upbringing is everything. Just look at the grooming of the kids, they way they hold a knife and fork, and they way they order. Thats how you get a first impression. Secondly, its what words come out of their mouths. Instead of ordering " I Want", do they say " I would like to order "....
Manners, being polite and having respect IS the way to treat children. If they dont have manners, if they are not polite, if they constantly SPEAK UP, and if they express the strong opinions of their parents in public, then they should not be on a cruise ruining everyones elses vacation.
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