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Default Day 2 - at sea

Today was our first of six days at sea. That’s right – six days, and this is not a crossing. We are steaming all the way down the western coast of Mexico, past all the ports, directly to Costa Rica. Initially we were scheduled to stop in Acapulco but that was cancelled.

The ship is running a little slow, we got a notice telling us one of the pods is working at 100%. Actually, that is all I know, technically speaking. We seem to moving pretty slowly but at least the ride is smooth and between the guest speakers, piano lessons, Spanish, yoga, going to the gym and the amazingly good food there is plenty to do.

Once again, I am so impressed with the TV onboard. We can watch the news channels we would watch at home all day, not just CNN International (which is one of the worst stations ever conceived in my opinion). I remember one cruise where CNN International was the only channel, and I think we had three hours of coverage on Benjamin Tutu in one day. Between that and elections Rwanda it was a filling day (snooze).

They are showing Slumdog Millionaire in the Main Movie Cinema today, which is a treat since we haven’t seen it.

Meal service is amazing. Even at the buffets the waiters are at your table immediately. There was no line to get an omelet this morning, or to get a pizza this afternoon. Bar waiters bring you tea without complaining, and when they ask for your name it isn’t so they can charge you, it is so they can get to know you.

Luxury cruising is the best. My wife, who has experienced far more mainstream lines than luxury ones, is in awe of the attention she is getting. After all, we have a butler and two room stewardesses. Even with two of them they spent a full hour on our room this morning, and it is only the second day. Our room looked as good as it did when we first walked in, except that all of our clothes were put away. We even get complimentary pressing and show shines. If we want to do laundry there is a laundry onboard – but the machines and even the soap are free. You would never see that on a mainstream cruise line.

This morning’s lectures were first, an expert in espionage who spoke on the impact spying and state secrets have had on 20th century history. The second gentleman was a retired reporter from the Los Angeles Times who spoke of the dying newspaper business. It really is a big concern how newspapers are dying but he didn’t seem to understand one thing – that conservative media is actually thriving in this age of Obama. It is the most liberal newspapers and television stations that are dying. Example; Rupert Murdoch owns both Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Both of those media outlets are just about the only media that have grown their audiences in the last year.

The speaker talked about how touched he was on the day Obama was inaugurated that people were lined up around the block to buy newspapers, until I pointed out that indicated most of those people were not subscribers. In other words, politics aside, by appealing to liberals you are targeting the people most likely to have ditched newspapers for the Internet, young and lower income people.

We worked out in the gym and actually spotted what were either dolphins or whales in our wake. We are just off the coast of Baja, after all, which is one of the richest wildlife areas in the world.

Stay tuned for more.
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