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Default Acapulco TourByVan Excusions suggestion save up to 50%

Briguy, I could not possibly agree with you more, The cruise Line sponsored shore trips are highly over priced and there are very many reasons and middle men for that to take place.

My name is Rudy Fregoso, and I am an independent tour guide in Acapulco, I have 30 years of experience, I am licensed by the Mexican Goverment. If you wish to contact me You can rest assured we will get to an agreement.

I will be happy to meet and pick you up at the cruise ship terminal, the airport or even your hotel in Acapulco. I organize, plan and deliver any type of private tailor-made city tour, excursion or sightseeing for you and your family. I'll take you under Our Wing and show you what only the insiders know.

With large cruise shore trip tour groups you are stuck to their tight schedule, right down to the forced gift shop visit. Sometimes they pass up the most interesting details about a sight because it would be impossible for everyone in a large group to see it.

And if you can't hear the guide, or you fall behind because the pace is too fast, you're just out of luck. Touring in My Van you will get to places that for a Bus would Simply Be Impossible. On your own you walk around with your nose in a guidebook.

None of this happens with Me, Your private guide! You won't miss the most interesting places wherever you go. You won't waste time wandering around with people with different interests and preferences. You will choose your own pace and schedule.

Save, Certified, Reliable, Licensed & Insured
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