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Default Pleas allow to introduce on my own!

Hola Señor Paul Motter!

My name is Rudy Fregoso, I work as professional independent tour guide in Acapulco, I have been doing my job passionately for 30 years and I love it so much that I would do it for less... just do not tell anybody! !

I happened to have been lucky enough to find this great site and I congratulate you and I congratulate me for it´s existence, the travelers have the opportunity of finding many more choices in their benefit and I have the chance to reach customers I could not reach otherwise. You can rest assured Señor Paul that I am a reliable person, a professional and honest tour guide if I could send you a replica of my credentials (bonded by the government) it will help me a great deal. I have not found the way to do it though.
I have tried to follow religiously the posting rules, I have all intentions to follow the policies of the site, if by ignorance I happened to do otherwise please Señor Motter let me know and I will correct that mistake instantly!
If you ever get to come to my locality, please let me know! It will be a pleasure being of some help either to you or persons of the staff!
Muchas Gracias y Hasta Luego!

"Let me take you under our wing"
Save, Reliable, Licensed & Insured
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