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Our first experience on the Pacific Princess was of the things is I found the rudest Purser ever in 25 years of cruising. First every time I called and asked to be connected to my friends cabin I had to repeat and spell the name.. which is as easy as Smith...I really don't believe he spoke or understood english well.. Then there was an incident with my missing watch...I called and received the same person from the pool deck and told him I was coming down and wanted the Head of security there immediately...Now, it takes a few minutes to get from the 9th deck to the 4th..with slow elevators.. When I got there no Security Officer.. I again demanded he call the Security Officer IMMEDIATELY.. he told me "not to talk to him that way"... For two days I had been looking for my watch knowing it had been turned it and where and kept asking the young man. The problem is that Princess people are brand loyal and refuse to see anything wrong with their beloved Princess ships.. The motto of Celebrity is X for Excellence... and that I can believe.. it certainly isn't with the ship we were on
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