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-And I would like to point out, that when you see a poster constantly asking another poster what it would take to make that complaining poster happy, that is usually the cruise line trying to find out what they can do to shut the person up. All cruise lines monitor the boards every day. The posters don't have the authority to give someone compensation or an OBC, so their persistence in wanting to know what the complaining poster wants, is a tip off it is the cruise line.

I am not commenting on your cruise but you stated in your first post that you are new to the boards.

In light of this fact, I would like to know how you know that the comments you referenced above are written by someone from the cruise line. I have seen comments like that on hundreds of posts from people I know personally and they certainly don't work for a cruise line.

Your making that type of allegation is your opinion. I could for example state that a person coming on this board all the time who constantly bashes Celebrity works for Princess or Carnival and it would have the same validity.

Again, I am making no reference to your cruise..

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